Like A Boy?

So, is TomBoy the new sexy?, ... Check out! TomBoy looks from my favorite fashionistas Amber Rose & Rihanna.. ( hey, ya gotta rest those toes some times!)

Amber photo'd rocking cargo pants, white-tee cropped jacket, with a fitted cap on to the back.. (sexy?) with the Air Yeezy's on her man, Kanye West designed! (cute right!?)

Newest colors Air Yeezy's $220.00

Rihannas TomBoy look, includes, leggings, Tee shirt, hoody and leather jacket and sum kicks! girly pieces are hot pink hat and cute fringe purse! Cute and comfy

find the hat on

*MissRich* FashionTip: How to pull it off the "girly" tomboy look?! Keep it comfy by wearing loose clothing that fits well to your shape. Stay sexy by wearing a cute purse, and throw some Pink in there too, keep it cute!

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