Summer Eye-Wear

No Summer look is complete with your "hater blockerz" on, Sunglasses game definitely gotta be on point!
and Miss Monica is definetly on point. Diva with style shes rocking the Gold Mirrored Aviator shades by Patricia Fields... #Classic! 

 These "hater blockers" can be purchased on and cost $525.00 can be found at Bergdorf Goodman, Barney on 5th ave 


The homegirl Betsy Johnson came thru and splashed some leopard print on the front of the hottest sunglass trend out!!  So retro!! 

RECENTLY ya girl Rihanna was spotted rocked these shades in Barbados. Fly right??  and only $50.00!! cant beat it!

Find these shades at  Betsy Johnson or stop by the store on 5th ave :-)

((*Updated*)) These glasses were sent to me via twitter by
@Royal_Access and i"ve seen them sold on the streets of Soho and I think they rock!!!!  
These shade are sold by vendors on the streets of Soho, NYC also can be found on for $8.99
While on that site i found these shades i own  in brown and purchased from a Soho vendor for 5 bucks!

RoyalAccess has them for $4.99 Good shxt right!?

*MISSRich* Fashion Tip: Shade come in many different shapes and sizes, labels and prices... make sure u find what suites ur facial structure before you purchase!! Enjoy!

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