Who Did it Better?

Ladies, dont you hate it when you see another chick with your outfit on? You can try to wear it in a different way, or around different people, but it still sucks either way. Well Trina and Rihanna both spotted in the same look. Rihanna wore it first a week before Trina. (Do we have a swagger jacker on our hands?)  Both ladies looked great, and i guess Great minds think alike lol but still, Who Did It Better?

Rapper Trina photo'd with Natalie Nunn at a Gay Pride in Detroit wearing Dolce and Gabbana Pre-Fall 2010 Tarzan Strap Polka Dot Jumpsuit which is absolutley fab!!

Rihanna Party'd in West Hollywood a week earlier than Trina in the same look (great minds) 

Who Did It Better?

MissRich Fashion Tip: When it comes to bold prints dont be scared, add alil color to your makeup. Trina looks cute too but Rihanna wins. Her teal eyeshadow makes the look fun and playful which is what Dolce and Gabana went for. Trina gives off a classy vibe but, it doesnt add up to the fierce-ness of the outfit! Makeup, hair and accessories make or break this look. So Spice it up ladies!