Waldorf Astoria Couture Fashion Week '2011

Hello everyone!, I had the pleasure of attending the Couture Fashion Week at the infamous Waldorf Astoria in NYC

The Fashion show was held in the grand ball room it was beautiful, so elaborate! They had singers, dancers, and musicians, all on the runway. Definitely a great show!

 I got the chance to meet & greet with so many different people, designers, T.V. host, and photographers. I definitely had a ball! take a look at the pictures and video below!
Here on the runway with the dancers
These dancers rocked!

Pictured here with Paris Editor in Chief of FLOSS magazine
 Here I'm pictured with Lindsay Lohan's Mother (Dina) and Brother (Michael Jr.)
Just enjoying the festivities and fashion at the silent auction. Dina and her son are very nice people, we had fun!

 Autograph by Lady Gaga
Autographed by Eli Manning
Autographed by Michael Jackson

Michael Lohan and I
The Lohan Family and I

 Showing you the Bebe One piece jumpsuit 
 This is the final LOOK OF THE DAY: Bebe one piece pant suit, sexy classy, and versatile
I paired it with bangles, a statement necklace and blazer.. 

Fox 5 reports The POSH sale at the Plaza Hotel

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by checkout the Light House, POSH sale at the Plaza Hotel in NYC!! it was a success as you can see!! also check me out in the video, Styling a few customers, yep! Doing what I do best!!! (=:  ( see me at the 1.53 mark) and shout out to Julie Chang from Fox 5 shouting me out!, glad I was able to be apart of this great cause!