Dark Skin Girls

Growing up, I was always raised with love and a sense of pride in who I am. My mother instilled in myself and siblings that we all are beautiful regardless of color, size, or hair texture. So when I hear things about people hating themselves because of the way they were born it really hurts me. Because how does one not love themselves? I can't fathom that. I believe it starts from the home, how you were raised. Thats where you learn right from wrong. It's the ignorance from society that will then influence you and lead you on the path of negativity if you choose to follow. I believe that racism on all levels is despicable, it is expected from other races different from your own, (sometimes) but when it's from your own people it's the lowest form of ignorance possible. I believe people should uplift and not try to tare people down because we are all one at the end of the day.

I stumbled across this documentary preview and encourage you to press play... it's definitely is an eye opener

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

MissRich Tip: LOVE YOURSELF and others <3

New Love: The Turban

It may not be a "New" look, but I've recently been seeing a rise in this trend. I've grown up where its always been a house hold rule, to never, ever wear your head-scarf outside, it was never a good look. However, the turban is the exception to the rule.
Coordinate your Turban with contrasting prints and colors like Solange Knowles did! 


This trend is far from over! Norma Kamali's Fall 2012 line features several Turban/Head pieces, and wraps that coordinate with various dresses and jackets like these below:


Love Norma Kamali's use of colors and patterns to make this a fun and unique spin on the Turban trend.

MISSRICH FASHION TIP: Use Turbans in your day to day style. Whether its a rainy day, or sunny day, going to work or shopping with friends. Make your Turban work FOR your look, and NOT AGAINST it! 
Jessica White's Turban is working against her look.
Here Jessica White's Turban is working for her look