MissRichTV: DIY STudded Loafers

If you're subscribed to me on Youtube.com/MissRichTV you would have seen my DIY video for studded out loafers. If not, you're in luck Click Here!! Plus detailed step by step directions on what I used to achieve this look!

What You'll Need:
  1. E600 (Industrial Glue) 
  2. Dark pencil 
  3. Dotting Tool (or end of an old makeup brush  lol)  
  4. 3 Pack of Gems/Studs assorted sizes 
Everything was purchased from Michael's arts and craft store!

  • Begin in a well ventilated area/outside ( Fumes from glue are strong)
  • Mark and measure the area in which your going to lay studs
  • Use dotting tool for glue and studs
  • Let dry and enjoy! 

MissRich Tip: Go all out with your design, and have fun with it! If you try this look, let me know and post your pictures! Follow me on Instagram Click  _MissRich_  

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