Hollywood Glam: Halloween Outfit of the Night!

If I can dress like this everyday I would! I love playing dress up, and Halloween is my favorite time of year to do so. Any chance I get to invoke my inner glammed out goddess, Im on it! So heres my take on 1920s, Old Hollywood, Harlem Renaissance, Flapper dancer look. Simply adore it!
Believe it or Not, anyone can achieve this look for Halloween! Just gather items from your closet! 
Dress: Armani Exchange (purchased 3yrs ago) 
Gloves: Boutique (Soho few mnths ago) 
Feather boa and Feather head-dress: Rickey's Halloween Store to complete my look 1920s Hollywood look. 

I was inspired by the effortlessness and chic look of the past divas. Such as, Josephine Baker and classiness of the Harlem Renaissance women. I also love the Keri Hilson's rendition of the flapper look in her "Pretty Girl Rock" video. She killed it! 

I love old Hollywood Glamour I may keep these period pieces coming for next years Halloween. Maybe I'll do 1940s pin-up

Miss-Rich Tip: When it comes time to dress up for Halloween, I love to think outside the box. The best costumes for me is one with character! One where you can honestly see yourself as that person or image. You don't always have to be a sex-kitty, ghoul or goblin. Have fun with it as I always say, Happy Halloween! See you at the parade NYC!


  1. I like your style and would like to know where I can find that outfit for an up coming party I was invited to.

  2. wooowwww am in love with ya blog gal KEEP THIS UP