Fashion of The day: Mixing Prints

My Style is an expression of me. I don't follow trends, I just do me! Rules are made to be broken, in fashion that is! I recently read a post on FashionBombDaily about mixing prints and I was totally inspired. I love the ideas of playing with colors, mix-matching and still making it work! Some people are afraid to think outside the box, try new things, and explore their different levels of personal style. I say go for it, YOLO! :)

  • Boots: David Z (soho nyc)
  • Shirt: Macy's
  • Pencil skirt: Forever21

Blogger- Rihanna-June Ambrose
They're showing the different ways to mix-match prints, and make it work

Miss Rich Tip: Mixing Prints is easy, and will never go out of style. Choosing colors that compliments  each other is a key to rocking this look. Wether it's bold or nude colors. I chose bold because, thats just the type a girl I am, I like to make a statement. Remember the most important tip I give you, is forget about the rules of fashion and just do your thing. It's personal style, be true, be you, and own it!