Hurricane Sandy in NYC

As many know Hurricane Sandy has hit NYC and the Tri-State area. As a born and raised New Yorker I am feeling the effects of her raft. Although her reign has affected everyone, some more than others, I am thankful that my family and friends are okay at this time. During the beginning of the storm it seemed like a hoax, telling people to evacuate, saying it's not safe, when it was just windy outside, no rains and a cool breeze.

It was until Tuesday evening 10/30/2012 that things took a turn for the worse. I prayed families took heed to the warnings. The winds began knocking trees out the grounds from the roots, and telephone wires, ripped from poles were dancing in the streets as the rain and winds began to whirl. It was bad! I lost power for about a day and a half and thank God the house was okay, no flooding and no damage.    

However the devastation of the Hurricane looked like a scene from The Day After. Atlantic City, under water, Jersey Shore, under water, even Coney Island, under water. These are places I frequent often. So even though my property itself wasn't damaged, I still felt the hurt Sandy caused, these places are like my backyard, my play ground. What really hit the hardest was seeing the affect Hurricane Sandy had on Lower Manhattan. Now, I may live in SI but I am a city girl all the way, and I take the ferry every single day, which leaves me there in Lower Manhattan, and to see how the water just swallowed it up, complete devastation, and words cannot express how this video below made me feel. Watch below

My heart goes out those who were affected tremendously by the storm, those who lost there lives, homes, and family members, my condolences to you all. We are still being affected. Nov 4, and there are still families without power in their homes, food to eat, and a place to stay and gas to fuel their cars. Stay Strong. And to those reading this Nov. 6 please Rock The VOTE and VOTE!!#Team Obama!!

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