MissRichTV: DIY STudded Loafers

If you're subscribed to me on Youtube.com/MissRichTV you would have seen my DIY video for studded out loafers. If not, you're in luck Click Here!! Plus detailed step by step directions on what I used to achieve this look!

What You'll Need:
  1. E600 (Industrial Glue) 
  2. Dark pencil 
  3. Dotting Tool (or end of an old makeup brush  lol)  
  4. 3 Pack of Gems/Studs assorted sizes 
Everything was purchased from Michael's arts and craft store!

  • Begin in a well ventilated area/outside ( Fumes from glue are strong)
  • Mark and measure the area in which your going to lay studs
  • Use dotting tool for glue and studs
  • Let dry and enjoy! 

MissRich Tip: Go all out with your design, and have fun with it! If you try this look, let me know and post your pictures! Follow me on Instagram Click  _MissRich_  

Summer Trend: Hair Styles: Braided Up!

If you follow me on Youtube.com/MissRichTV you will know that I am a lover of braids. I've been all my life. They're just so chic, natural, and sophisticated. I feel like you can never go wrong with them. My recent style of choice is high ponytail jumbo braid inspired by Beyonce. These braided up looks are perfect for the girl on the go, and for this upcoming summer! Here are a few of my favorite looks..

Side sweep bangs, loose fish braid

More looks down here!!!

braided bun

MissRich Tip: There's no tip, these styles work for anyone, so don't be scared, try it, you'll love it!!

Bag These: Vlieger and Vandam

Vlieger and Vandam's "Gun-Bag" or "Weapon-Bags" have been seen all over the fashion sites. These bags have been embossed with life-size weaponry! I've recently fell in love with the, Amsterdam based accessory label's collection of hard core rocker bag designs. Not to mention, the hottest fashionistas in the game Cassie and Rihanna have been seen sporting their fave bags. I love them! What do you think?

MissRich Fashion Tip: This is strictly for the bold and daring, idk about you, but I'm up for the challenge! I'd wear this purse anywhere, even an airport! Hello! Dare to be different unique and FLY