Cool Finds: Trends Fall Fashion 2012

Just a glimpse of some popular trends for Fall

Fashion Dossier: Average NYC Day

It was a beautiful day in the city, rocking the ultimate summer trend, Cut-off distressed shorts, Mirror print shirt, chain belt, and some pointy toe shoes.... comfy and sexy look...

My day turned even better when I ran into celeb, grammy award winner ...........

Melanie Fiona!!! She was so cool, we was just shopping and chilling, nice chick.... cant wait to hear more music from her!!

...Just an average day in the life of Miss Rich :) follow me on Instagram @_MissRich_

Accessory Alert: Chain Links

Accessories are the key to a hottt outfit!! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings galore! The latest trend in accessories that I am drooling over are Chain-links. Whether head chains, body chains or hand chains, they're the ultimate statement piece and my latest obsession.....

Lets take a look!!
My Chain Belt is easily becoming my favorite statement piece for my wardrobe I wear it with everything! 
My Hand Chain is the ultimate statement piece and adds interest to any look... Love these!!! 

Keyshia Cole rocking the body chain in her new video "Enough Love" Im still searching for the perfect one

Head chains are are the easiest way to add class to a boring outfit, or add pizazz  to a sophisticated look!

Miss-Rich Fashion Tip: (Side-Note) You can look polished without piling on too much. Personal style is also best, be yourself, yet still remain polished. You can be over the top but in a good way, try accessorizing using one statement piece, this is an easy way to get an edgy look with any outfit. Layer different necklaces and bracelets to achieve an edgy approach with a simple outfit as well!! Thank Me Later :) 

Miss Rich Fashion Tip: Fashion vs Style

One thing about fashion, it comes and goes, but what will always remain Style!

You can wear the most expensive garments but if you don't have style, you'll look like you're trying too hard! Keep it to a minimum. Fashion is made every season, don't pile on all the looks at once, be effortless be chic! Effortless style is the best style. Trying too hard, makes you look uncomfortable and less confident. As I always say Confidence is sexy!!