Fashion Night Out: Outfit of the Night!

A night at the Opera!... Its my fave time of year Fashion Week!! Heres a look of my Outfit of the Night!! 
I chose this vintage Mara Hoffman button up-which I absolutely adore- an A-line shirt, and my Aldo Platform wedge patent leather shoes. Accessories with a collar-necklace -which is a big trend this Fall- and a few random bangles to complete the look, I chose my Law bag (big enough to fit some flats) JustFab... loves it!! 

MissRich Tip: Fashion Week advice 101 is you're out and about heading to different shows and mingling under the tents! You're gonna need to bring a BIG bag -big enough to fit some flats inside and your heels inside after you take them off! Thank me later!

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Miss Rich TV: Versace/Givenchy inspired DIY project

This was a fun project to make. I am truly starting to enjoy DIY(Do It Yourself) projects. I love seeing my visions become a reality. To me, thats what fashion is all about. Having a dream, idea, vision, and a plan and making it become reality. I love the idea of walking art. That is really what drew me to make these pieces. I was inspired by a fellow Youtuber UrbanIcon82 his vision are DOPE!!! He also has crazy fashion sense. I, of put my very own Miss Rich spin on things, and re-vamped it up! He was also impressed with my take on the whole Versace/Givenchy Aztec print T-shirt. Now I will say this, it was quite difficult to do because I chose to free hand the design. I opted not to sketch it before hand, why I don't know, I  guess I just love to challenge myself, and I think it came out nicely, tell me what you think leave a comment below..... and please subscribe to my Youtube channel MissRichTV 




Miss Rich Tip: Have fun with the design! Its just paint if you mess up! Go over it with a new color!.. make it abstract and make it cute!!!