Growing up I've always had a love for fashion and design, maybe it stemmed from childhood. looking through old black and white photos of my grandmother in beauty pageants, or it could've been images of my mother and aunts draped in glamorous threads, circa NYC 60's, 70's and 80's. My mother whom I always admired, was a model and singer, she was always and still is very stylish and glam. Was I influenced? yes! Although I believe I was naturally drawn to fashion and entertainment.

I modeled at an early age, I just loved to get dressed up, acting was also a favorite of mine. I actually enjoyed that more because I love having a voice outside of just taking pics. (Hence my youtube channel)

But is Fashion and style something you need to learn? Or does it come naturally? Style is what you do with Fashion.   So is it necessary to attain a specific Fashion degree, to excel in the fashion field? Learning terminology, textile, and period pieces?…. Is that something you can learn on your own? I feel it comes so naturally. Is that natural ability all that is needed to excel in the fashion field? or do you need the education? Or is it about what looks good on that resume?

Well I'm posting this knowing that, I love fashion, and entertainment, I have since forever and yet I still manage to gain that degree and pursue even higher. I've always been told to reach for the stars if I should fall, ill land on the moon. 

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