My First Ever Publication!

I have never shared on my blog that I'm a published Editorial Assistant  and Journalist in FLOSS Magazine 2011 issue.

It was such an honor working with this company. I've grown a lot and now 5 years later I have 2 college degrees. 7 years as an experienced writer, blogger and vlogger.  Highly knowledgable of editing software, which I use on my youtube channel 

For the this upcoming new year I am ready to take my brand to the next level. I am ready to inspire and become the next big name in media.

Fashion, Foods, and Fun! I am taking you on board, as I pursue my passion!

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Thanks enjoy

-Richelle Hardison

4 Steps You Should Know Before Buying Virgin Hair

Buying can get expensive but knowledge is priceless

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Although I'm on a natural hair journey, I've been a long time weave wearer too!
There's nothing wrong with bundles! The hair industry is a billion dollar one, and some deserve the coins. Only if its done right!

There's several steps to determine if you have the right virgin hair bundles. From smell, length, fullness, and weft size it all matters! 

I'm here to break it down for you in 4 simple Steps!

Step 1: The Smell: Most authentic virgin hair companies will receive hair from all over the world. Some people complain of a pungent smell of corn chips or pesticide, this is due to the companies method of ridding the hair of fungus, or lice, it may carry  overseas from its donor. Still it doesn't make it ok. The company should shampoo it out before its on the market.

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Outfit of the Day: Summer to Fall Transition

My all time, favorite piece for Fall is the poncho. Its practical, comfortable, and it adds an instant fashionable look to any outfit. What I like most about mine is the fabric, and rich colors. It warm cozy and super long, perfect for this weather in NYC. Its a mix between warm and cool, but super sunny, why not break out the poncho.

The possibilities are endless when wearing a poncho. I wore mine with a chambray shirt dress, over the knee boots, fedora and a fanny pack for juxtaposition. This is also a good way to transition your summer dress/tunic to autumn. I absolutely love this look, its perfect for fall, and I hope you love it too! Details about the out are below!

MissRichTv: Road Trip: Best Philly Cheesesteak??

Hey guys, so I took an "End of the Summer Road Trip" to Philadelphia....   My friends and I went to feed our belly's with authentic Philly Cheesesteaks but we also fed our minds by attending the Independence National Historical Park. Theres always time for education. The Park was filled with historical events. Showcasing our founding fathers presidential home, and a tribute wall to those enslaved.

After that, It was time for the best (what we thought was the best) Philly Cheesesteaks over at Geno's Steaks. Very popular tourist spot. After being flipped-the-bird by one of the cooks, and waiting 15 minutes  on line, I didn't care because I was hungry, and these are the best in town!

I think I set my expectations too high! My idea of a Philly Cheese steak would consists of grilled steak, grilled onions, peppers with swiss or american cheese (if you cant tell, I am a foodie!) so I was surprised that this place, did not prep theirs this way. (which is the best way, tastes amazing!) Anywho, Geno's served cold onions, and peppers. (yuck) but the bread was fresh and taste amazing. lol

I give them a 2 out of  5 stars.

check the video of my experience below!

MissRichTV: Out & About Brooklyn Museum

Hey guys! So I went to see two really cool exhibits at The Brooklyn Museum! The Rise of Sneaker Culture & Faile & Bast Arcade! I had a great time and hope you enjoy my vlog! If you ever been the Brooklyn museum,, whats your favorite part?

Please take a look at the on my channel, let me know what you think!

First stop was a timeline of the hottest sneakers from all era's in fashion. From the very first pair of Skippy's to the latest pair of Louis Vuitton Yeezy's. The Rise of Sneaker Culture has it all. My favorites are the pink hightop Reebok's. (brought back so many memories of my childhood. 80's baby!) And the Grant Hill  Fila's. There's even a wall of Jordan's showcasing every pair of Jordan's. If you're a sneaker head, you'll love this exhibit!

Next stop at Brooklyn Museum was the Faile & Bast Arcade. Looked like something straight out of an 80's nightclub! They had Michael Jackson Beat It blasting in the background, people all over playing arcade games, all while being surround by dope, neon, street art and graffiti! It was actually the inspiration behind the exhibition. I had an excellent time at the Brooklyn Museum, and I so recommend checking these out before it is too late!

Watch my vlog, and let me know what you think!

Thanks guys! 

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Hello everyone! Just a tidbit about me, I am a foodie for life!!! I had the pleasure of attending, the first annual Harlem EatUp. It was filled with so many people, from actors, singers, chefs, and artist, but most of all FOOD!!!

So check out the video of my experience below!!

Thanks For Watching!

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MissRichTv: Sunglasses Haul on youtube

Everyone loves a good pair of shades, I do! If you're not familiar with my blog, I posted a bunch of cool sunglasses, and now I am displaying my faves, that are pretty much good for everyday!

Dior SoReal: $550.00 - Dolce Gabbana (Mirror Lens) $350.00 - Tom Ford: Anouska $425.00 - RayBan Aviators $200.00

Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself.

“When European Ideals and standards of beauty mean absolutely nothing.” -Kye

"throughout the world we have people that do not notice each other's essence and humanity" -Kye 

Everyone's culture is unique and beautiful. But it's important to display each cultures various beauty. Not just one type. Which is what mainstream media does. It's important for everyone of multiple cultures to know and celebrate what is beautiful about themselves. Kye's way of breaking prejudices and stereotypes is amazing to me! 

Very smart young lady named Kye "Broke the Internet" while heading to prom and also inspired me to write this blog post.

She's a very smart 18 year old. In addition to aspiring to be a designer she should also consider becoming a writer. Articles featuring Kye talk about her ground breaking prom dress. Which was beautifully  sketched and designed by her. The Afro-centric print, vibrant color of the gown is breathtaking and she's rocking her hair in a perfectly coiffed Afro!  
She is beautiful and so is that prom gown but her words are what's more impressive. 

It's exactly what society needs to embrace. It's also for people who have felt embarrasses to be themselves!

Be yourself and don't live life with prejudice. Stereotypes are just opinions that plague your existence. When you embrace those things you're stunting your growth mentally and spiritually. This negativity will only manifest within you breeding more negativity. It's a pivotal part of life to live prejudice free, be cultured, creative and charismatic. 

Kye stated "I believe that in order for society to gain a wider horizon, we have to be willing to acknowledge other people from differences, beliefs, morals, and values." 

Today everyone should try to talk to someone new! Spark up a convo, BE YOURSELF, without prejudice... Ya never know it can lead to something beautiful! 

She ended her writing with an uplifting note on embracing who you are. "Don’t let anyone define you. Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself. #blackgirlsrock #kyebreaktheinternet