MissRichTV: Out & About Brooklyn Museum

Hey guys! So I went to see two really cool exhibits at The Brooklyn Museum! The Rise of Sneaker Culture & Faile & Bast Arcade! I had a great time and hope you enjoy my vlog! If you ever been the Brooklyn museum,, whats your favorite part?

Please take a look at the on my channel, let me know what you think!

First stop was a timeline of the hottest sneakers from all era's in fashion. From the very first pair of Skippy's to the latest pair of Louis Vuitton Yeezy's. The Rise of Sneaker Culture has it all. My favorites are the pink hightop Reebok's. (brought back so many memories of my childhood. 80's baby!) And the Grant Hill  Fila's. There's even a wall of Jordan's showcasing every pair of Jordan's. If you're a sneaker head, you'll love this exhibit!

Next stop at Brooklyn Museum was the Faile & Bast Arcade. Looked like something straight out of an 80's nightclub! They had Michael Jackson Beat It blasting in the background, people all over playing arcade games, all while being surround by dope, neon, street art and graffiti! It was actually the inspiration behind the exhibition. I had an excellent time at the Brooklyn Museum, and I so recommend checking these out before it is too late!

Watch my vlog, and let me know what you think!

Thanks guys! 

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