MissRichTv: Road Trip: Best Philly Cheesesteak??

Hey guys, so I took an "End of the Summer Road Trip" to Philadelphia....   My friends and I went to feed our belly's with authentic Philly Cheesesteaks but we also fed our minds by attending the Independence National Historical Park. Theres always time for education. The Park was filled with historical events. Showcasing our founding fathers presidential home, and a tribute wall to those enslaved.

After that, It was time for the best (what we thought was the best) Philly Cheesesteaks over at Geno's Steaks. Very popular tourist spot. After being flipped-the-bird by one of the cooks, and waiting 15 minutes  on line, I didn't care because I was hungry, and these are the best in town!

I think I set my expectations too high! My idea of a Philly Cheese steak would consists of grilled steak, grilled onions, peppers with swiss or american cheese (if you cant tell, I am a foodie!) so I was surprised that this place, did not prep theirs this way. (which is the best way, tastes amazing!) Anywho, Geno's served cold onions, and peppers. (yuck) but the bread was fresh and taste amazing. lol

I give them a 2 out of  5 stars.

check the video of my experience below!

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