4 Steps You Should Know Before Buying Virgin Hair

Buying can get expensive but knowledge is priceless

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Although I'm on a natural hair journey, I've been a long time weave wearer too!
There's nothing wrong with bundles! The hair industry is a billion dollar one, and some deserve the coins. Only if its done right!

There's several steps to determine if you have the right virgin hair bundles. From smell, length, fullness, and weft size it all matters! 

I'm here to break it down for you in 4 simple Steps!

Step 1: The Smell: Most authentic virgin hair companies will receive hair from all over the world. Some people complain of a pungent smell of corn chips or pesticide, this is due to the companies method of ridding the hair of fungus, or lice, it may carry  overseas from its donor. Still it doesn't make it ok. The company should shampoo it out before its on the market.

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Step 2: The Hair: The hair should be shampoo and fully dried before it is sold to the public, the good companies practice this method. Also there should not be any dampness to the hair upon purchasing. If so this could lead to mildew and who wants mildewed hair in their head.

Step 3: Wefts/Tracks: The weft should not be thick and bulky. If so, you will feel them through the hair, and most likely see them, which will ruin the style you want. So make sure that the wefts are flat and secure before you purchase.

Step 4: Lengths: The bundles you get should be unravelled, and spread on a flat surface, therefore determining if there's any gaps where your 20' inch Brazilian should be. Some companies will "slip" 16/18 inches inside the 20 inch bundle, so buyer beware! This will affect the fullness of your hair and desired style.

Miss Rich Tip: Always read reviews of hair companies before you purchase the hair. YouTube is always a reliable source for hair companies reviews! I don't necessarily trust the website reviews because 9 time out of 10 companies have employees and interns write for them! Research, research, and research some more!

Thanks for reading, please comment below if you have more tips to add!