My First Ever Publication!

I have never shared on my blog that I'm a published Editorial Assistant  and Journalist in FLOSS Magazine 2011 issue.

It was such an honor working with this company. I've grown a lot and now 5 years later I have 2 college degrees. 7 years as an experienced writer, blogger and vlogger.  Highly knowledgable of editing software, which I use on my youtube channel 

For the this upcoming new year I am ready to take my brand to the next level. I am ready to inspire and become the next big name in media.

Fashion, Foods, and Fun! I am taking you on board, as I pursue my passion!

Click the youtube channel link above or scroll through my blog to learn more about me!

Thanks enjoy

-Richelle Hardison

4 Steps You Should Know Before Buying Virgin Hair

Buying can get expensive but knowledge is priceless

 This Quote

Although I'm on a natural hair journey, I've been a long time weave wearer too!
There's nothing wrong with bundles! The hair industry is a billion dollar one, and some deserve the coins. Only if its done right!

There's several steps to determine if you have the right virgin hair bundles. From smell, length, fullness, and weft size it all matters! 

I'm here to break it down for you in 4 simple Steps!

Step 1: The Smell: Most authentic virgin hair companies will receive hair from all over the world. Some people complain of a pungent smell of corn chips or pesticide, this is due to the companies method of ridding the hair of fungus, or lice, it may carry  overseas from its donor. Still it doesn't make it ok. The company should shampoo it out before its on the market.

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